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Art and Culture



Explosions to inventions, the town has faced many challenges and triumphs. These stories are depicted throughout the bricks of this town. Choose from gorgeous downtown murals,  painted Bell boxes,  or the famous rural barn quilt trail in the Town of Essex. 



If you stroll through Essex Centre, experience the collection of over 18 murals. Our artists have taken their artistic capabilities and have represented our historical events through multiple gorgeous depictions.






grey barn with a patterned quilt during the day
closeup of a barn with a colourful piece of artwork on the sideThese are quite literally what the name says they are. A beautiful piece of artwork; a patterned quilt on the side of a local barn.

We love our murals, but our culture is shown through our mix of artistic expression and our agriculture. Local farmers hang these quilts on the side of their barn for all to see and admire. Not only are they a cool piece to look at, they hold value of our town's history.

KEEP AN EYE OUT! You're sure to come across a couple as you drive down our roads, but don't miss 'em!



  Spitfire sculpture located at Heritage Gardens Park -Talbot St. S., Essex, ON.



The Town of Essex dates back to the late 1700s, a time of rapid change in North America's political landscape. 

Prior to the adaptation of Colchester, McGregor, and Harrow, the town of Essex dates back as early as 1787. Soldiers and loyalists were settling on farm lots running inland from Lake Erie.

A few years later, during the 1800s, fugitive slaves and European settlers carried on the pioneer spirit by building small communities throughout Colchester Township. Villages that exist today arose at Colchester, Harrow, McGregor and Essex Centre.



Want to learn more about our unique history and how our cultural identity came to be? Read more on our museums or historical societies pages and visit our local museums! Or, venture out and take our Heritage Tour - where you can interact with our past by learning more about our buildings and cultural heritage that dots our landscape.

Quick Fact: While walking around, you will come across our Heritage plaques - these have been installed at key locations to help broaden public knowledge surrounding the historical and cultural resources within the municipality.


The Town of Essex is known for its expansive land coverage that creates a unique experience for visitors. Its agritourism encompasses a multitude of local businesses, including 10 wineries, with waterfront views - you can't find that everywhere!  


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